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Massachusetts Bus Accident Liable Parties

Due to the many ways that a Massachusetts bus accident may occur, the parties responsible for personal injuries and other damages depend on the specific circumstances surrounding the Massachusetts accident. Bus, transit and motor coach companies, maintenance and repair companies, bus drivers, design and engineering firms and many others may be liable. Some of the parties responsible in the aftermath of a Massachusetts bus accident may include:

  • Massachusetts Bus Companies – If a Massachusetts bus company sends a bus out on the road with faulty brakes, overused tires or any other defect, a Massachusetts bus accident may occur. The Massachusetts bus company is also liable if it negligently hires, trains or supervises unqualified Massachusetts drivers, Massachusetts maintenance workers or any other Massachusetts personnel. Failure to enforce adequate safety procedures may also make a Massachusetts bus company liable for a Massachusetts bus crash.

  • Massachusetts Bus Drivers - Massachusetts bus accidents are often caused by the negligent operation of the bus. Massachusetts bus drivers may violate traffic controls, fall asleep at the wheel or have their attention diverted by non-driving-related distractions such as cell phones. Massachusetts bus drivers involved in a Massachusetts bus crash can be held personally responsible for the injuries sustained by Massachusetts passengers. Typically, the companies employing the Massachusetts bus driver, and their insurance companies, will be held financially responsible for Massachusetts bus crashes and resulting injuries which occur within the scope of their employment.

  • Other Massachusetts Motor Vehicle Drivers - Owners and drivers of other Massachusetts cars, Massachusetts trucks and other Massachusetts motor vehicles may be held responsible for Massachusetts bus accident injuries caused by negligent or reckless driving.

  • Manufacturers of the Bus or Bus Parts - A bus manufacturer that sends a defective bus from the factory to the marketplace subjects Massachusetts bus passengers to unreasonable danger and potential harm resulting from Massachusetts bus accidents. As a result, the bus manufacturer can be held legally responsible for damages when a Massachusetts bus crash occurs. Likewise, the manufacturers and retailers of defective bus parts that may have caused the Massachusetts bus accident could be liable for the injuries to the bus passengers.

  • Maintenance Companies - An independent company contracted to maintain a Massachusetts bus in a safe mechanical condition, may be sued for negligent maintenance that was a contributing cause of a Massachusetts bus crash or accident.

  • Government Entities - Local governments may also bear responsibility for Massachusetts bus accident injuries if a Massachusetts bus involved in the accident was a government owned transit bus. Government fault may exist if the cause of the Massachusetts accident can be attributed to the negligence of the Massachusetts bus driver or another city worker during the course of performance of employment duties. Some government entities may also be responsible for dangerous road conditions that may cause the bus to crash. This responsibility depends on the degree of government responsibility in creating or failing to remedy the hazardous condition, as well as the extent to which Massachusetts law allows recovery from such government entities.

  • Massachusetts School Boards and School Districts – As employers of Massachusetts school bus drivers and companies, the school board may be responsible for damages as a result of the negligent conduct of bus drivers in a Massachusetts school bus crash. Furthermore, school districts may be liable to any children involved in a Massachusetts school bus crash that could have been prevented by the implementation and enforcement of adequate safety guidelines.

  • Massachusetts Tour Operators and Affiliated Cruise Lines – Owners and drivers of Massachusetts tour buses are liable for driver negligence in a Massachusetts tour bus accident. When a bus trip is part of a package deal offered by a tour service, the service itself may be liable for injuries sustained by passengers if the Massachusetts bus crash occurred in an affiliated tour bus.

It is important to identify certain parties, such as the owner of the bus, the company that operates it, and any companies responsible for repairing and maintaining the bus in safe mechanical condition. Locating all of the potentially responsible parties is an extremely difficult, yet crucial task. Our Boston, MA bus accident attorneys and Boston, MA wrongful death attorney specialists can help you with this and all other steps of your case.

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