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Massachusetts Bus Accident Danger Zones

While Massachusetts buses provide considerable benefits to Massachusetts commuters and Massachusetts school children alike, there are notable dangers that come with the presence of large buses on the roadway. The large size of most buses enhances their danger, especially when they are on the road with smaller automobiles.

The ten foot zone which surrounds a bus in all directions is commonly referred to as “the danger zone.” This is because the greatest number of Massachusetts bus accidents occurs in this area, involving Massachusetts pedestrians, Massachusetts cyclists or the loading and unloading of the bus. The danger zone is particularly dangerous for children, because they are generally shorter than most adults and therefore are not easily seen by Massachusetts bus drivers.

Many Massachusetts accidents between buses and other motor vehicles are also related to incidents involving the “no-zone areas” on a bus. A no-zone area is the area which limits visibility due to the inability of the Massachusetts driver to monitor every aspect of the vehicle. When Massachusetts pedestrians walk or smaller cars drive in these areas, Massachusetts accidents are more likely to happen because the bus driver is unaware of the presence of the person or other car.

Massachusetts buses that have an elevated driver’s seat have a front no-zone area. In this area, it is difficult for the driver to see smaller cars if the car is traveling too close to the front of the bus. To avoid these accidents, Massachusetts drivers of smaller automobiles should be sure to remain a safe distance in front of the bus to ensure visibility at all times.

Side no-zones are perhaps the most dangerous no-zone areas of Massachusetts buses. The length of most Massachusetts buses makes it impossible for a Massachusetts bus driver to always see other cars driving along side of them, even with the diligent use of their mirrors. To stay safe when driving next to a bus, make sure that you can see the face of the driver in his or her side mirror. Generally, if you cannot see the driver, he or she cannot see you.

Many Massachusetts buses have limited or no visibility with rear-view mirrors. This means that Massachusetts bus drivers are often unaware of drivers behind them. To ensure safety when driving behind a bus, make sure that you are keeping enough distance behind the bus so that you will be able to slow down and stop with ease and so that the driver can see you in his or her side mirrors.

Fortunately, by becoming familiar with the dangers of no-zones, Massachusetts residents can help avoid Massachusetts bus accidents and help keep our Massachusetts roadways safer.

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