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Causes of Massachusetts Bus Accidents

Massachusetts bus accidents can occur for a variety of reasons, most of which are related to technical or manual faults. While some Massachusetts bus accidents are single vehicle collisions, many Massachusetts bus accidents consist of rollover crashes or collisions with other Massachusetts motor vehicles. Massachusetts bus accidents may involve defective products or product failures. Massachusetts bus accident claims may also involve the transportation of school children, or in other cases, the transportation of commuters in large cities in urban settings.

One of the most common causes of Massachusetts bus accidents is mechanical fault. Improper maintenance of a Massachusetts bus can lead to many kinds of machinery and system failures that can increase the chance of a Massachusetts accident. For example, if the Massachusetts bus has a weak roof that was improperly installed or maintained, the roof can fall in and cause serious injury to Massachusetts passengers. Massachusetts bus companies have an obligation to adequately maintain vehicles and document all maintenance work.

The condition of the driver oftentimes contributes to Massachusetts bus accidents. Far too many Massachusetts bus accidents are caused by negligent driving, driving under the influence, inadequate training, speeding and incompetence. The number of hours that Massachusetts bus drivers are allowed to drive and the training that Massachusetts bus drivers must receive is regulated by the Federal Carrier Safety Administration. It is the responsibility of the Massachusetts common carrier to act diligently in ensuring adherence to all federal and state regulations. Massachusetts bus drivers have a responsibility to keep their full attention on the road and follow Massachusetts safety guidelines at all times, even if they get behind schedule.

Massachusetts bus drivers also have a responsibility not to engage in distracting activities while operating a bus, such as talking or sending text messages on cellular phones. Poor Massachusetts road conditions and dangerous weather conditions are also common contributing causes to Massachusetts bus accidents.

The handling of Massachusetts bus accident cases requires the specialized expertise of a Massachusetts bus accident attorney or Massachusetts wrongful death attorney. The laws related to the regulation of Massachusetts buses and other Massachusetts common carriers are complex. If you were injured in a Massachusetts bus accident, you will need an experienced Boston, Massachusetts bus accident lawyer from the Law Offices of Gilbert R. Hoy, Jr. and Affiliates by your side to explain the law to you and build for you the strongest possible case.

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